Solutions for Interactive Web 3D Media

We navigate you into the future in the Age of Cloud Native and Service Oriented Architectures.

  • Get results
  • Be efficient
  • Raise the quality
  • Stay in budget
  • Keep agile

How we combine quality with cost-effectiveness

  • We are experts in high quality real-time interactive 3D web applications from the cloud, e. g. 3D product configurators

  • We focus on quality, scalability and cost-effectiveness through workflows and architectures consistently optimized for the cloud.

  • Don’t waste time and money with lift-and-shift. You can increase quality and reduce costs to a mere fraction by using cloud native and service oriented interactive media (SOIM) architectures from the ground up.

Our Services


Analysis & assessment of requirements, cost structures, existing data, existing technologies & current workflows.

Technologies · Providers · Teams · Architectures · Security · Coding quality · Technical sustainability · Cost optimizations.


Project management: Team assembly · Agile methodologies · Transparency · Verification · QA.

We have profound experience in working as part of larger national and international projects: Multiple stakeholder, multiple companies, spatially distributed, international teams, demanding project structures.


Saving time, reducing risk & optimizing costs by leveraging existing proven know-how and technology.


Applications · Front end · Back end · Data conversion & optimization · Cloud services · Deployment · Orchestration · Monitoring · Analysis & evaluation · Tools · Optimization of quality, performance & costs.

Integration with and enhancement of existing workflows & data pipelines · Migrating from lift & shift to service architectures.

Full Service

Carefree comprehensive services: Technology · Hosting · Maintenance · Evaluation · Cost-effectiveness.

Customized · Ingesting your data · Integrated with your interfaces & workflows · Feeding into your pipelines.

Ready within short times & early first benefits · Striving for long-term partnerships & sustainable strategies.

Your Benefits

High Quality Interactive Real-Time 3D

Photorealistic and high in detail.

  • Detailed high-quality physical based materials.

  • Photorealism with detailed geometry, direct and indirect lighting, as well as hard and soft and shadowing.

Web-Based for all kinds of Devices

Highly compatible with no loading times, downloads, or installation.

  • Easy access: Device-independent quality and performance without compatibility issues.

  • Avoid user dropouts through loading times, installation or download hurdles.

From the Cloud

Scalable, cost-effective and agile.

  • Horizontal and vertical scaling from few to millions of users.

  • Effective usage of bandwidth and cloud computing resources. Light-weight and container based.

Keep agile and flexible

  • Avoid technical lock-ins
  • Avoid vendor lock-ins
  • Ensure cost flexibility

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